by roadcake

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Diane killoran
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Diane killoran Wonderful voice and so talented.
Keep the music coming.
We love you. Favorite track: Post-Pope.
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Funded by Jeune Volontaire.


released May 16, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Kate Killoran.

Songs written and performed by Kate Killoran.

Mastered by Alec Dippie and Natasha Desmarais.

Alec Dippie is the whistling expert in Dogma, featuring also Tambourine soloist Natash Desmarais.

Special thanks to: Diane, Brian, Chris, Kelly and Katie.



all rights reserved


roadcake Montreal, Québec

Unapologetically flawed, roadcake and her poetry talk often of; vice, anxiety, vulnerability, and dogma. Her warbling voice has been likened to honey and her vocal precision chisels the bones. As she sings of how she fits into this shady, chaotic world, she will work her cathartic magic on you till your skin is prickling and your souls are soothed. ... more

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Track Name: Luxury
can you live within your candour?
could you leave without your many splendours?
somewhere without all your vices?
not a habit even for your crisis.

could you leave your home and family
for a wildness that will eat (and keep) you alive?

there's a day when we're acting the mirror.
are we tricks and ticks or playing our fears?
every chance was a roll of the di.
where do we go from here
when we're knowing the game?

could you speak to your anxieties,
buried deep with all the seeds you couldn't grow?
can i build a home on shifting realities,
while old ghosts of apathy surround me?

in a world wrought with it's own destruction
what chaos then inhabits our bodies
inhabits our bodies
inhabits our bodies.
Track Name: Confetti Celebrations
torn into confetti celebrations.
like fireworks that always surprise,
we're looking at ourselves through the eyes of a child.
can't find no allegory, no fiction, no imagination in sight.

please don't tell me to get over you.
it's not up to you to decide what i'll do.

i can see what is under that serious face.
it's a very, very red nose.
all i need is a little more truth,
a little less ha
and a lot more sooth.

so please don't tell me to get over you.
it's not up to you to decide what i'll do.
Track Name: Post-Pope
in the shadows of our broken church
we prayed fervently
that god would take away the sins that broke the people
keep the night at bay.

we thought we were angels -
humbled our heads to gravity.

in the winters of our bitter thoughts
a cold november came.
but in the summers of our comforts
we remained the same.

maybe we were dreaming
or just flew to high to see our vice.
Track Name: Lucid Dreams
hit the sheets till the stutter stops
but the putter pops another ball into it's place.
two hundred and eighty pound calorie complex
hitting up your complex
complex situations with no gestapo in sight to stop ho.
put the show stopper to the wine bottle.
cork it up to save for the next
all vegetarian self-cannibal sweat.
no command control to demand control
from the soul of our cues to the soles of our shoes.
can't lose the race with a bad shoelace case.
cracking tax that faxing back these memories
in the form of dining faux-pas femme on knees.
chewing on frothing pills and grinded teeth.
Track Name: Rock & Demon
you were the rock and i was the demon.
i just can't help that old beast from rearing.
if you wanna soften, you want to feel
i just can't help it.
maybe i could help you.

there's only so much i could stand on the phone.
without your touch your voice is like stone.
you know all about it
those sticks and shaking bones.

i'd give you my heart if i thought you could hold it
but you're stuck with me now
so your hands start to open.
i was playing the fool
just waiting, waiting
for you to come around.
Track Name: Dogma
if i set the world on fire
i wonder what it would be like
all soot and dusty,
a bunch of ash and must.

ooooh, i set the world on fire
and now i am burning,
we're all burning too.

if i poured the fuel
and lit the match that set the fire
well i'd feel so guilty
that i burned the world alive.

earth, it was damned,
but we were surviving,
what's power if not ruin
and the soaking of our desires.

ooooh, i set the world on fire
and now i am burning,
we're all burning too.

i'd dance and laugh
and cry and scream
the revolution's just my dream
but dogma is fire
and flames burned our hearts.

ooooh, i set the world on fire
and now i am burning,
we're all burning too.
Track Name: Gun Parade
she walked into the dark, damp room,
ruin on her face.
her legs were wrapped in netting
and her arms were wrapped in lace.

she took a heavy step to the light,
fierceness in her eyes.
scowling ‘round the room at us
like the maggots and the flies.

she stood 6 foot 2 with a weighty stance.
her fat spilled through her shirt.
she seemed much larger standing there
as her feet would shake the dirt

she held our gaze and looked around
pouting her ruby red lips.
and suddenly started to sing a song
that sounded like deaths true kiss.

aoo aoo aoo

gathering our spray paint cans
and masks for our disguise
she approved the ruckus all around
screaming, "you don't ever fucking apologize".

the gun parade will come one day
a call to arms to fight
and when it finally approaches us
we'll have no masks for our disguise.

but as we marched out on that day,
leaving our shelter behind,
we felt the powers of our mass
with her song stuck in our minds.

aoo aoo aoo